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Learning that faith in action is claiming something, doing your part and leaving Gods’ part to Him by trusting He’ll come through!
- Life Lessons
Heavenly Father help me to walk in the Spirit today. To be loose of my fleshly desires to stir up drama rather than love others like you love them. Abba please help me to see them as you them and show grace and mercy to others as you choose to show toward them.
- Morning Prayer
Repentance shines a light onto the right path when you’ve taken the wrong path down to land of sin
- Life Lessons
More often than not, it is what you are rather than what you say that will bring an unbeliever to Christ. This, then, is the ultimate apologetic. For the ultimate apologetic is: your life.
- William Lane Craig (via athenagracee)

(via seeking-a-revival)